With over 30 years experience, at ITTS Group we have a solution for every enquiry, whether its natural stone, aggregate, blocks, marble and granite tiles or slabs we have a selection for you.

At ITTS Group, you will find much more than just kitchen benchtops. Further to this, we specialise in providing high quality pavers and tiles to the Adelaide, Melbourne, Denpasar, Saigon and Phnompenh market. ITTS Group has a vast range of products to lift the style level in your home. Whether you’re after a sleek polished tile for inside or a hard wearing outdoor paver, our large selection of tiles are bound to suit your type of lifestyle. Whatever product you’re after, the team at ITTS Group will strive to find the best in our range for you.

Natural Stone & Quartz Surfaces
Natural stone and quartz surfaces have been the trend for many years and they continue to be a popular choice for kitchen tops, vanity tops, laundry tops and many more residential and commercial surfaces in Adelaide. If a natural look is what you’re seeking, then granite is a great traditional choice. We have a selection of colours to choose from and you’re guaranteed a long lasting natural product. Varying from colour to colour, granite stone looks unique and ageless with its natural characteristics.

Marble and limestone are classic and exquisite natural materials. They are used widely in a range of surfaces because of their soft and elegant look. They aren’t as hard wearing as granite and will need a lot more care and attention. However with the right design and appropriate application, marble or limestone surfaces will compliment your home in a way that speaks like no other.

The beauty of natural stone can make the ultimate statement in your home. You can opt for a classic look or more of a modern feel – the choice is endless! Quartz is a reconstituted product that is man-made and used specifically for interior surfaces. There are many well-known brands that offer a wide range of colours to suit any design to compliment your home and lifestyle. Talk to ITTS Group today about our range of natural and quartz stones including Silestone, Quantum Quartz, Freestyle, Staron, Hi-Macs, Essastone, Caesarstone, Smartstone, Corian, Fioranese, Provenza, Ragno, Marazzi, Kerlite, Leaceramiche, Marco Corona and Ariostea.

Solid Surface
Australia’s best-kept secret - a product when completed that gives a kitchen top a seamless look. It can be repaired and polished at any time during its life-cycle and it continues to be a popular choice for benchtops for years! Solid surface has the advantage of creating shapes such as curves and moulded basins to transport your top to another level. Your design can speak our loud with the creative manufacturing of such unique products.

Bench tops
At ITTS Group we specialise in granite benchtops, stone benchtops, natural stone benchtops, quartz surfaces, solid surfaces, acrylic surfaces and porcelain surfaces in Adelaide. We supply custom-made bench tops for a range of décor options and styles. Talk to ITTS Group about our options to decorating your surfaces!

  1. Granite bench tops
  2. ITTS Group specialises in creating granite benchtops for kitchens, laundry, desks and any other applications. Granite benchtops offer beautiful and strong surfaces.

  1. Natural stone bench tops
  2. Natural stone applications boast stunning kitchens and benchtops. Stone benchtops are sleek and guarantee style in any space.

  1. Quartz bench tops
  2. ITTS Group specialises in creating and installing quartz benchtops. Quartz applications are sophisticated and a great option if you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen.

  1. Solid bench tops
  2. If you’re looking to install a solid surface in your kitchen, ITTS Group can assist. Acrylic benchtops are an affordable alternative to the more traditional bench top surfaces.

  1. Porcelain bench tops
  2. Porcelain surfaces are sleek, strong and easy to maintain. They will give your kitchen that extra character you desire. Talk to us today about porcelain benchtops in Adelaide, Saigon, Melbourne, Denpasar.

Further to kitchen benchtops and pavers, ITTS specialise in providing high quality bathroom tiles and floor tiles in Adelaide, Saigon, Melbourne, Denpasar.

  1. Bathroom tiles
  2. At ITTS Group, one of our key specialties is high quality and cost-effective bathroom tiles. We have the latest styles and a diverse range of styles to suit almost any application.

  1. Floor tiles
  2. If you’re building a new house or renovating an old one, ITTS Group can assist with your floor tiles. We have a range of styles and brands at different prices to suit any budget. We encourage you to view our extensive range.

  1. Terastone tiles
  2. Fibonacci stone tiles are environmentally friendly products great to use in domestic applications. Whether you’re looking to lay them inside or out, ITTS Group has the styles and colours to suit.

  1. Porcelain tiles & sheets
  2. Porcelain tiles and sheets offer a sleek, matte finish perfect for kitchens, laundry and bathrooms. Porcelain looks great and they’re easy to maintain. Talk to us today about porcelain tiles in Adelaide.

  1. Slate roof tiles
  2. Slate roof tiles ensure your house looks great from the outside, not just the inside. Slate is durable, strong and looks subtly distinctive. Talk to us today about slate roof tiles in Adelaide.

Wall Cladding
Are you looking for stone cladding? No worries! Talk to the team at ITTS Group about our range of stone cladding to suit your application.

  1. Stone veneer cladding and Stone Cladding is ideal for outdoor applications due to its strength and high quality materials.

ITTS Group offers the finest quality pavers suited for a range of applications in Australia. From concrete to natural stone, you’re spoilt for choice a ITTS Group.

  1. Concrete pavers
  2. At ITTS, we have a full range of concrete pavers for a range of applications. Concrete is durable and looks unique. Talk to us today about concrete pavers in Adelaide and Melbourne.

  1. Natural stone pavers
  2. Natural stone pavers is another paving application solution. Natural stone is versatile and a popular choice.

At ITTS Group we can offer our customers extremely distinctive colours, designs and styles of mosaic tiles. ITTS is your local mosaic supplier.

Timber Flooring
ITTS Group has been supplying quality timber flooring since our humble beginning. Trendwood Flooring is the flooring of choice, when failure is not an option.​

Australian Vitamins and Health

  1. Acai Berry 500mg
  1. Acai Berry Organic 500mg
  1. Acai Berry 500mg+Vitamin C 20mg Veg
  1. Acai Berry 750mg
  1. Bilberry 10000c
  1. Bilberry 3000c
  1. Cranberry 65000mg
  1. Colostrum 10IgG
  1. Colostrum 45IgG
  1. Colostrum 105IgG
  1. EPO 1000mg
  1. Fat Blocker
  1. Goat milk 200mg
  1. Green Lipped Mussel
  1. Iron
  1. Kakadu Plum 135mg 60T
  1. Kangaroo 6000mg
  1. Krill Oil 1000mg
  1. Lecithin 1000mg 20 Oblong
  1. Lecithin 1200mg 24 Oblong
  1. Multi Vitamin & Mineral
  1. Omega-3 1000mg
  1. Placenta Essence 30000mg
  1. Policosanol 20mg + Q10
  1. Policosanol 20mg
  1. Propolis 3700mg
  1. Propolis 2000mg
  1. Propolis 1000mg
  1. Propolis 750mg
  1. Propolis 500mg SG 12 Oval
  1. Propolis 500mg SG 5 Oval
  1. Propolis 3700mg
  1. Propolis Liquid 25% 50ml
  1. Propolis Liquid 25% Bulk
  1. Propolis liquid 50% 50ml
  1. Royal Jelly 1000mg 0.4%
  1. Royal Jelly 1000mg 1.1%
  1. Royal Jelly 1100mg 2.2%
  1. Royal Jelly 1500mg
  1. Saffron (Eye)
  1. Shark cartilage 500mg
  1. Shark cartilage 750mg
  1. Spirulina 500mg
  1. Squalene 1000mg
  1. Squalene 500mg
  1. Sugarcane 20mg + Q10
  1. Vitamin D